Michalea Angle

The founder and lead photographer/editor of, The Right Angle Photography LLC.

Who Am I?

I grew up in the country and was raised simply. I value family and good morals above all. I love my family and God. There are tons of amazing things in this life but what I love most are those country Indiana sunsets. This is how my passion for photography first began.

I, of course, took a photography class in high school. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing photography teacher, Mr. Hurst. He pushed me to pursue a career & showed me many paths to take. That is when I decided to get a big girl job and do photography on the side until I gained enough clients to do it full time. As you may know, nothing in life goes as we plan.

After high school I began forming a background in customer service and realized people was another passion of mine. I then stumbled upon J.C Penney’s Portraits. I grew and learned even more by combining photography and customer service. This is when I knew I wanted to start my own freelance photography business.

So finally, after 7 years and thousands of hours working, saving, and learning but mostly by the grace of God I became a full-time creative portrait photographer. Something as simple as a sunset started my passion. I now know it was the days and long hours that truly showed this is a passion.

What is my style?

My style has had many twists and turns until this year. I realized something, if a sunset was what sparked this love then a sunset is what my style will be. This may sound crazy but hear me out.

Sunsets happen every day but every single one is unique and yet perfect. I capture creative images every day. Every session is just as unique and perfect. I edit based on the flow of my clients, the location, the time of day, the colors around them, what they are wearing, and what their personalities truly are. I love capturing a bright and airy wedding just as much as I love capturing a dark and moody senior session. I cannot stick to just one style and I refuse to cover up the natural colors around you. I capture my client’s individuality and edit to fit their personality as well as their wants. In so many words you can tell me what you want and I will do just that!

Let’s start with you!

If you like what you read, I would love to use my unique talent to capture your stories. I promise it will be unique and different from everyone else’s. I’ll listen to your needs and get to know you personally to create your perfect session. I went from capturing unique sunsets to capturing unique stories. As we all know, A picture is worth a thousand words so let’s start with you.

Let’s Chat


The Right Angle Photography Team


You must be interested in who we are if you’ve made it this far! I have the most dynamic & creative team to tell you about!

I, Michalea Angle, am the founder and lead photographer and editor of, The Right Angle Photography.

I started photography in high school and instantly fell in love. Since then I have slowly self-taught the art of photography. I soon realized doing it all on my own was not the best way to handle a wedding. So, I decided to build a team!

I added my videographer, Danielle Clark almost 4 years ago! She captures the entire essence of your wedding day. She has an eye for videography and no one in the area can match her pricing.

Drake was first a client of mine. I began building his model portfolio and as we became friends, I discovered his eye and passion for photography. I encouraged him to pursue and quickly offered him a position of lead second shooter/ second videographer.

Emily & I know each other based on me capturing her sister’s wedding. Emily is a photographer and was impressed with how the pictures turned out. She wanted to shadow me and learn! I realized Emily has an eye for detail and an unbelievably adorable personality. I added her as my second shooter/assistant just this July.

I started to realize my team was missing someone back in 2018. I know how important it is to feel most confident on your wedding day and who better to do that than a makeup/hair artist!

I met Jacy through another makeup artist that raved about her creativity and remarkable drive. I decided after meeting Jacy this was going to work out perfectly. Within a couple months of working together we hosted a shoot for seniors & I knew I made the right decision

My team will help you from start to finish on your wedding day. When we all come together magic happens. As you can see, I did not just pick people from a hat. I hand selected these beautifully talented bunch! If it takes a village to raise a child then why wouldn’t it take 5 amazing people to make a wedding perfect?


Danielle Clark

Head Videographer/Editor

9 Years.

That’s how long I’ve been making films.. From intricately editing footage I recorded (with my mothers help + laptop webcam) of a choreographed routine my friends & I made to a Kesha song, to recording every second of my trip to Tennessee & turning it into a documentary (being a good sport + filming every last skateboarding trip my friends could land).

If you have your wedding filmed, you & your favorite person can relive the day you committed to forever with one another. You could watch it every day forever if you wanted to! Show you kids. Your grandkids.

You’ll have an everlasting memory from one of the best days of your life + I’ll have a blast making it for you! Win Win!


Drake Everhart

Second Shooter/videographer

My photography journey really began when I started modeling. While I enjoyed it, my calling to the other side of the camera grew with every photoshoot. I decided to start my photo/video career 2 years ago and ever since, I’ve immersed myself into this passion!

Becoming part of The Right Angle Wedding Team was an easy choice. I’m surrounded by reliable, creative individuals like myself and we work well together to create a great experience for our clients!

Weddings are my favorite because the love & happiness that just surrounds you. My goal is to always capture your most beautiful moments from a unique perspective that helps you relive this special day over & over! These kind of keepsakes will be cherished by you for generations to come!


Emily Evans

Second Shooter

My love for photography started with going to parks with my step dad and using his camera to take pictures of flowers. Soon after that my aunt got me a camera for Christmas. I started taking our family pictures, then my friends family pictures. I slowly started doing senior and event photography. My passion grew stronger with each session.

7 years later I saw my sister’s engagement shoot with the Right Angle Photography and I knew I wanted to e apart of that! I love learning and becoming a better photographer and being apart of The Right Angle Team is a fun way of doing that while making new friends.


Jacy Weatherly

Makeup & Hair Artist

Shortly after graduating beauty school I started working at The Obie Salon and Spa here in Muncie. The Obie is my second home and second family. I have never felt so at home and welcomed in a workforce. Being at The Obie I am busy doing weddings almost all year long, and wedding hair and makeup is by far my favorite service.

When I started working with The Right Angle Photography I knew I joined another family! We come as a full package and can help you make your special day perfect!

To this day I am continuing to grow my business and I could not be more thankful for where I am today. If you have any inquiries for an event please feel free to reach out!