Hey! It's your favorite photographer


I grew up in the country and was raised simply. It wasn't long before I fell in love with those Indiana sunsets. This is how my passion for photography first began.

I took a photography class in high school and was fortunate enough to have an amazing photography teacher, Mr. Hurst. He pushed me to pursue a career & showed me many paths to take. I was never a confident young woman so that was EXACTLY what I needed.

After high school I gained a background in customer service, realizing I'm passionate about making deep connections with others. From there, I stumbled upon J.C. Penney’s Portraits. I grew more by combining photography and customer service + the ins and outs of running a photography business.


 I knew I wanted to start my own freelance photography business & form my own  connections with each of my clients while capturing insanely great photos of them. 2018 my dream became a reality & I officially own my own photography business

I started taking photos as soon as I bought a FLIP PHONE with a camera, Yes those used to exist. I am consistently 
inspired by light & dramatic angles which is why I named my business, The Right Angle Photography. 


I would like to think my superpower is bringing people together. 


We have got you covered for your best day ever!

I want the

My Best Friend

My fiance Jaymond & I tied the knot September 25th 2021. We have been. together since 2018. He's the love of my life & such an amazing support system. I've even inspired him to go after his goal of being a fitness motivator!

We met on Tinder as much as it embarrasses me to tell you I'm so glad I found him a not so traditional way.

We love ANYTHING outdoors 

& love to cook & watch marvel movies together! 

We both love the office but I think he might love it more than me. Most of all we love God & try to put our faith first in every aspect of our life.