Hey! It's your favorite photographer


We're Getting Married!!

My fiance Jaymond & I are getting married September 25th 2021 & I am so excited! I am STRESSED, so I understand what you all my couples are going through. He's the love of my life 

We met on Tinder! 

We love ANYTHING outdoors 

Golf, tennis, walking, scouting (Yes I make him come to location scout with me)

We both love the office but I think he loves it more than me.



I took a photography class in high school and was fortunate enough to have an amazing photography teacher, Mr. Hurst. He pushed me to pursue a career & showed me many paths to take. I was never a confident young woman so that was EXACTLY what I needed.

After high school I gained a background in customer service, realizing I'm passionate about making deep connections with others. From there, I stumbled upon J.C. Penney’s Portraits. I grew more by combining photography and customer service + the ins and outs of running a photography business.


 I knew I wanted to start my own freelance photography business & form my own  connections with each of my clients while capturing insanely great photos of them. 2018 my dream became a reality & I officially own my own photography business

I grew up in the country and was raised simply. It wasn't long before I fell in love with those Indiana sunsets. This is how my passion for photography first began.


I started taking photos as soon as I bought a FLIP PHONE with a camera, Yes those used to exist. I am consistently 
inspired by light & dramatic angles which is why I named my business, The Right Angle Photography. 



We Are


The Wedding Team


We have got you covered for your best day ever!

Being a wedding photographer since 2016 + also planning my own wedding this year. I consider part of my job is to make your day fun while also getting amazing pictures.I have realized that goal is extremely hard to accomplish on your own and as we all know nothing is accomplished alone.


We all need the support & encouragement from the important people in our life. So I built a wedding team of extremely creative & talented individuals to help me make your day THAT much better. We all are like-minded, goal oriented friends who see each other on the regular (as long as we have time). We will hype you up & make you laugh your REAL laugh.

We spend so much time looking for vendors for our wedding day. We reach out to so many just to find out they are booked. I want to help you cross just a few more things off that long wedding to do list. I have two photographers, two videographers, a photo coordinator, & a makeup and hair artist! The value of having a group of people who genuinely want to help make your day go great no matter what is priceless in my opinion.

Get to know us below!

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

Simply inquire via my contact page. There you can select that you are interested in the wedding team collection. There is a section where you can write out who you what you would like added on.

What if I don't need all of you?

That is totally fine! We can add on just what you need!

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! I offer any type of payment! Monthly is a very popular & helps ease the financial stress but I can do any payment plan you would like. You can pay via debit/credit card, venmo, apple pay, or paypal.



Michalea Angle

I'm your MAIN Photographer & Editor.

I'll be the one capturing your wedding day. I'm the one you call for any and all questions photography related! I'll be the one retouching all the images to perfection.

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Drake Everhart

I'm the second shooter on wedding days! I catch even more memories for you! I can be added to any day if I'm available.

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Danielle Clark

I'm the Videographer! I can potentially be added to your photo shoot or for your wedding day if I'm available.

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Hannah Johnson

I'm the Second videographer! I catch even more moments.

 I can be added to your wedding through Danielle if I am available!

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Photo Coordinator

Sophie Green

I'm the Assistant! I help with ANYTHING throughout the day! I'll run and grab a forgotten bouquet + go through the photo checklist constantly to make sure nothing gets missed.

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Makeup & Hair Artist

Jacy Weatherly

I'm the makeup artist! I can be the one that makes you feel beautiful on your wedding day or even a photo session day if I am available!

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