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Meet Michalea

I grew up in the country and was raised simply. It wasn't long before I fell in love with those Indiana sunsets.

I started taking photos as soon as I bought a FLIP PHONE with a camera, Yes those used to exist. I am consistently inspired by Scenery & authenticity. I named my business The Right Angle Photography for one because of my previous last name, Angle. Another reason was because I love the dramatic angles & wide shots! 
I took photos of flowers, my moms horses + all our other animals at my middle-of-nowhere childhood home. I am the youngest of a large family of 7. I took a photography class in high school and was fortunate enough to have an amazing photography teacher, Mr. Hurst who pushed me to pursue a photography career

I've been told my laugh is contagious & explosive!

gotta get the "Right" Angle!!

My Experience


How it Began

I've always been an artsy old soul. I loved walking & gazing at the sky for sunrises, sunsets, & clear nights. Fast forward to my first cell phone with a camera! I took photos of flowers, my moms horses + all our other animals at my middle-of-nowhere childhood home. I took a photography class in high school and was fortunate enough to have an amazing photography teacher, Mr. Hurst who pushed me to pursue a photography career by showing me all the photography careers possible! I was never a confident young woman so that was EXACTLY what I needed to take the leap! After high school I attended college to become a dental hygienist. LOL Obviously that didn't pan out & I began filling my passion of photography by first buying a camera bundle.


I gained a background in customer service by first working with a company called help at home, to then almost rising to manager level at Victoria's Secret here in Muncie! During the decision to wither leave or stay at VS I quickly realized I'm so passionate about not just capturing photos but also making deep connections with others + them feeling free to open up to me. I utilized this new found skill at J.C. Penney’s Portraits. Where I grew more and more by combining photography & customer service. I also learned the BTS + ins and outs of running a photography business.  I knew I wanted to start my own freelance photography business & form my own longterm connections with each of my clients while capturing insanely great photos of them. 2019 my dream became a reality & I officially & legally started my own photography business!

How its Going

Since starting my own photography business in 2019 I now have serviced thousands of amazing incredible clients! Some that I've gotten so close with we have to add on an hour of chatting & catching up during our sessions & some I even attended my wedding! I've built a dynamic wedding team just by happenstance & running into them throughout my photo journey.I now own a boudoir business with my bestie Dani. I am in the process of launching my own presets this summer to help more creatives do what they love. I am beginning to transfer to hosting styled shoots + mentorships. I'm quickly realizing I just love to help others. I am beginning to provide mental & physical health advice & support. I love to uplift & encourage others to follow thier dreams

I'm Married

I met Jaymond on Tinder!
I'm so glad I found him a not so traditional way.
+ He called me "Tinderella" in our vows! 

How it Started

Us meeting on tinder was one of the most unexpected happiest moment of my life. He really helped me out of a different situation & I trusted him. He felt like home, & I felt safe around him. He proposed a week after the passing of his older brother, Cam. It was July 4th & we always take a picture during the finale as everyone does! I turned around to a sparkly ring & him shaking & kneeling! He almost put the ring on the wrong hand & finger he was so nervous! 

How it's Going

We love taking walks together outdoors 

& love to cook sweet treats + hearty snacks & watch marvel movies together! 

We both love the office but I think he might love it more than me. Most of all we love God & try to put our faith first in every aspect of our life.

My fiance Jaymond & I tied the knot September 25th 2021. We have been. together since 2018. He's the love of my life & such an amazing support system. He's currently going after his goal of being a motivator + house flipper!

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Meet The Right Photo + Video Team for you!

I would like to think my superpower is bringing people together. 


Finding these incredibles souls in nothing short of a miracle! I'm so happy happy to have met these people along the way. 

We never accomplish any great thing in this life alone. 

Dani & I have been friends since she moved her stuff in through the window of my apartment! I've built this team because it was meant to be. I met Danielle in 2015. We became roommates & lived together for the next three years! She's now my best friend and biggest ally in this business! We both met Sophie at a wedding we worked at! I simply asked her to be my assistant & she said she'd love to! Then Dani met Zac on tinder. lol YES they should sponsor us! Zac agreed to join Daze filmography 2020. We have traveled for destination weddings & elopement's. Our dreams are to travel & capture destination weddings & elopements for unique couples! Dani & I began collaborating for boudoir sessions & created two unique studio's we both can utilize in two separate cities!

We have got you covered for your best day ever!

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